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Infant Formula Samples

Let us know if you need samples of our products

Sometimes you may need samples of our products.

  • The samples may be required for registration/approval processes.
  • You may want to test our products in a laboratory to verify their quality.
  • Or you may just be interested in tasting our products or verifying their solubility.

No matter the reason for requesting the samples - we understand this and we will be happy to provide them to you.

Cost of samples

Typically, unless you require a large quantity, we will provide the samples free of charge. Once we prepare them, you can pick up the samples yourself (or arrange a pickup by a courier service such as DHL or FedEx) from our production facility in Kutno, Poland.

Shipment of samples and cost of shipment

If you want us to send the samples to you, the samples will still be free, but we will ask you to cover the cost of the shipment. This shipment cost will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • Shipment destination
  • Number of samples (weight and size of the parcel)
  • Documents needed along with the samples

Please be aware that infant formula is an animal-origin product and, as such, is often subject to strict border controls and inspections. Sending infant formula without documentation (most importantly a veterinary health certificate) is often impossible to many countries around the world.

Contact us now if you wish to get samples of our products.

Samples Information

What do we need to know to arrange the samples for you

In order to save you time and unnecessary additional costs, it is crucial for us to obtain the following information from you:

  • Samples of which product(s) are needed? If you don't know the answer to this question - read about our infant formulas first.
  • Number of samples needed? How many 400g tins are needed?
  • What is the purpose of the samples request? Are they needed for registration purposes and laboratory testing by the authorities?
  • Destination for the samples? We need to know which countries the samples will go to.
  • Documents needed along with the samples? Often documents such as a health certificate are required for infant formula samples to allow customs clearance at the destination. Please check in detail the requirements at your destination - samples without documentation may be destroyed or confiscated at the border! If you don't know the answer to this question - please contact your border authority or a shipping agent for details.

If you wish us to arrange the shipment for you, we will need the following additional information:

  • Full delivery address. Including postcode and contact person name & phone number.
  • Full billing address for the invoice for the shipment cost. We will find the best offer possible for you and we will always ask for your acceptance of the cost prior to actually arranging the shipment.