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Geo-Poland's Brands

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Over the years, we've developed and launched successfully multiple brands which are presented below.

Under each brand / packaging design we can and often must produce different formula recipes. This is mainly related to regulatory requirements differences in different regions / countries. Additionally, the market requirements might be different. In some regions more premium formulas are seeked by the consumers. On the other hand, in many countries the price is the decisive factor which allows distribution of standard formulas only (learn more about types of formulas which we produce). One formula sold in Europe will be different from the formula branded in the same way, but sold in China. At Geo-Poland, we understand these differences and constraints and always offer our formulas customised to local needs.

Mami Lac

Mami Lac packaging

Famous Mami Lac is our oldest brand, developed at Geo-Poland more than 20 years ago. It has been on the Polish market since 2004. Known to consumers around the world for its superb and unquestionable quality, it is fed to millions of infants every year. If you're interested in distributing Mami Lac in your country, please let us know.

Find out more at https://mamilac.eu/.

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NutriBaby packaging

This brand was developed by us in response to the market need for a high-quality yet affordable infant formula. Initially, we launched NutriBaby in the Middle East and African countries. Over time, we expanded to other countries, ranging from the Caribbean to Asia.

Find out more at https://nutribaby.eu/.

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Laktowit packaging

One of the oldest Polish infant formula brands (developed in the 1970s). We took over and reactivated the brand in 2021, after 30 years since it disappeared from the market in the early 1990s. Currently present in the Polish and Romanian markets.

Find out more at https://laktowit.pl/.

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Hosland packaging

Imagine a clean, green, and unpolluted environment where cows are only fed on fresh grass. That's where Hosland formulas come from. A gold formula of great quality.

Find out more at https://hosland.com/.

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BoboMoly packaging

Gentle formulas with a modern composition in accordance with the latest scientific findings related to infant nutrition.

Find out more at https://bobomoly.com/.

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