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We produce in Kutno, Poland. We deliver worldwide.

At Geo-Poland, we know that you want to be sure that you will always get safe and consistently high-quality infant formula on time. In order to do that, you need to find the right manufacturing partner. The problem is that infant formula is a complex and sensitive product, which makes you feel confused, worried about potential regulatory and reputational risks, and not knowing really how to choose the right supplier. We believe in transparent and long-term business relationships built on mutual trust and benefits.

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We research, design and produce infant formula

For distributors

Geo-Poland's Infant Formula Brands

Are you looking for a market-ready infant formula under one of our international brands that can be delivered to you quickly?

  • Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements
  • Quick time to market
  • No extra upfront costs related to the development of branding and labels
  • Vast experience with regulatory requirements and export
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Would you like to grow and develop with us? Get in touch, and we will discuss all the details.

For brand owners and retail category managers

Private Label Infant Formula

If you have or would like to develop your own brand of infant formula - Geo-Poland is here to help you and support you in the process from beginning to end. In addition to supplying you on time with stable quality products under your brand, we can additionally serve you with the following services:

  • Suggest or develop an infant formula recipe to suit your needs and serve your business goals.
  • Prepare samples and the documentation needed for registration in your country.
  • Support you in the preparation of your labels and branding.
  • Provide logistics support.

Whether you have an existing brand and are looking for a better manufacturer, or you're just starting to think about developing your own infant formula brand - we're here to help you and provide you with the necessary knowledge and information.

Have you ever been frustrated by infant formula suppliers who:

  • Don't respond in a timely manner?
  • Don't deliver on time as promised and agreed?
  • Deliver infant formula with quality defects?
  • Cause shortages costing you time and money due to delayed or failed deliveries?
  • Don't know or ignore your local requirements and regulations?
  • Don't honour distribution agreements?
  • Impose difficult-to-meet conditions regarding minimum order quantities?
  • Deliver inconsistent product batches causing consumer rejections?
  • Don't provide any knowledge support in marketing and distribution?

At Geo-Poland, we understand how important it is to deliver infant formula on time as agreed.

What makes us different?

There are several reasons to choose to cooperate with us.

Quality guarantee

Today we celebrate exactly 7612 days without any recall of our products from any of the markets around the world (since Geo-Poland produced its first infant formula).

There have never been any quality safety issues related to our products.

We've never been sued by any parent of any infant for any suspected issue with our infant formulas. And in 2023 over 5 million pieces of packaging of our infant formulas were consumed worldwide.

See our quality certificates.

Everyone can verify the quality parameters of our products using our unique Online Quality Control Tool.

Short response time

Last year (2023), in the case of 91% of new enquiries, we were able to get back within one business day and provide a quotation within three business days.

If you don't see our response, that may mean that either we didn't get your message or you didn't get our reply (on some rare occasions, yours or our e-mails may be treated as spam by anti-spam engines and IT systems). Therefore, if you don't see our reply quickly, don't hesitate to give us a ring at: +48 61 8219 959
or contact us via WhatsApp: +48 501 474 926 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CEST).

Tailored approach

We treat each enquiry differently and do our best to offer the formula that best suits the needs and requirements of the consumers in a particular market. We also carefully consider the distributor's needs and capabilities, as well as the resources available for sales and marketing.

We have over 300 different formula recipes in our portfolio, ranging from low-cost to premium, for different infants' age groups, designed for different regulatory environments, always of the highest quality, satisfying regulatory and marketing requirements of different markets and consumers. Whenever needed, we work closely together with our clients and develop new, custom tailor-made recipes.

Stable cooperation

The infant formula industry is generally consolidated, and a few big multinational players have the highest market share in the majority of the markets.

Geo-Poland, being a family-run business, is quite unique in the industry.

We honour our agreements and are loyal to our business partners. In some countries, we've already celebrated over 15 years of continuous cooperation with our distributors.

If you're tired of talking to huge corporations where decision-making always takes an unreasonably long time, and you want to know exactly how, where, and when the infant formula you're dealing with is produced - we're the right partner for you!

Many companies have trusted us already, join them. Contact us or request a free quote now.