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Geo-Poland is a family-owned company based in Poland that was founded in 1992. After some time, we acquired a manufacturing facility in Kutno, which has a history dating back to the 1930s. Geo-Poland has effectively combined the vast experience of the old pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with its energy and knowledge of infant nutrition, resulting in the company as it is now.

We produce in a high care environment

Because we don't want you to worry about the quality

Geo-Poland owns its manufacturing facility in Kutno and fully controls the infant formula production process.

Today, we use our knowledge and the pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing infrastructure to support you by supplying the best quality infant formula, which is sought after by consumers. Find out more about our formulas.

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History of Geo-Poland and its manufacturing facility

A company called 'Motor Alkaloida' is established in Kutno, Poland, where Geo-Poland's current manufacturing facility is located. This company produces morphine-based pharmaceutical raw materials.
Polfa Kutno, a state-owned pharmaceutical enterprise, is established in place of 'Motor Alkaloida'.
Polfa Kutno starts production of the first product for children - a multivitamin food supplement. Shortly after, protein-based products for children and infants are developed and produced.
Polfa Kutno begins cooperation with Mead Johnson Nutritionals and starts production of baby milk powder under the license of the American company.
Geo-Poland is established in its current form in Poznań, Poland. In the following years, Geo-Poland develops rapidly and becomes an international trading company, exporting Polish dairy products worldwide.
The infant nutraceuticals agreement with Mead Johnson Nutritionals is dissolved. Polfa Kutno stops production of baby milk powder.
Geo-Poland acquires the production facility in Kutno from the previous owner, Polfa Kutno.
Geo-Poland starts the development of its own new baby milk powder formulations.
Completion of the registration of Geo-Poland's production facility and start of production of baby milk powder in 400g metal tins in Kutno.
Launch of the Mami Lac infant milk in Poland.
First export of baby milk powder to the Middle East.
First export of baby milk powder to Africa.
The company starts exporting baby milk powder to China.
Geo-Poland's facility is certified against ISO 22000:2005 and GMP international standards and implements the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
Geo-Poland's products become Halal certified.
Acquisition of production facilities, warehouses, and laboratories in Kutno from Teva Pharmaceuticals, resulting in tripling of the available production capacity.
Moving the company's head office in Poznań to a new building located at Ku Cytadeli 2.
Obtaining a patent for Coloco PRP (Colostrinin) produced by Geo-Poland in Israel, Australia, and Poland.
Obtaining a patent for Coloco PRP (Colostrinin) in the USA (US patent no. US20210015871A1).
Launch of the Laktowit infant formula brand in Poland.