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Infant Formula

Baby formula exactly as you need

Infant formulas offered by Geo-Poland

All of our formulas are produced from fresh milk and whey, spray-dried only once, to avoid protein denaturation and multiple pasteurization steps. The infant formulas can generally be divided into two categories:

  • Regular cow's milk-based formulas for generally healthy children
  • Specialized (medical) formulas for children with specific medical conditions, such as certain types of allergies or intolerances

Geo-Poland can offer you both of the above types of formulas.

Cow milk-based infant formulas

The baby formulas we offer can be divided into three main categories:


High-quality standard infant formulas

Fully compliant with WHO Codex standard for infant formulas, these formulas are safe and guarantee appropriate growth and healthy development. Usually containing a fat blend that includes palm oil.

The standard formulas contain all the essential nutrients such as fat, proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary for every infant to grow and develop. These formulas do not include any functional ingredients such as DHA or prebiotics.

A perfect choice for very price-sensitive markets where consumers cannot afford more expensive formulas.


High-quality premium infant formulas

Formulas with some optional functional ingredients added (such as DHA or prebiotics) which come with additional benefits for infants and related selling points. The choice of ingredients will depend on specific needs. Produced using fat blends with or without palm oil depending on particular requirements.

A great choice for competitive markets which require differentiation but at the same time require competitive pricing.

The most common choice of our customers.

Super Premium

High-quality super premium infant formulas

The most expensive and the best formulas for infants which include a broad variety of additional functional ingredients which come with plenty of different selling points. Usually produced using palm oil-free fat blends.

The best choice for highly competitive developed markets with relatively high consumer purchasing power and highly product-aware consumers. The super premium formulas allow effective medical marketing as their composition benefits are clearly visible to medical professionals.

Medical infant formulas

Over the years, we've developed many different specialized formulas. These include the following:

AR Formula

For the dietary management of frequent reflux and regurgitation.

Lactose Free (LF) Formula

For the dietary management of lactose intolerance.

Comfort Formula

For the dietary management of colic and constipation.

Pre-term Formula

For the dietary management of premature infants and infants with low birth weight, after hospital discharge.

If you require any other specialized formula - please contact us and we will see if we can support your request.

Available packaging options

At Geo-Poland we believe metal can packaging is the best and most suitable for infant formulas.

Metal cans are very durable and suitable for distribution. During the canning process at our facility we make sure the oxygen is taken out of the can and it stays like that until it is open by the consumer. Thanks to this, the metal cans allow the longest possible shelf life. Additionally, metal cans are fully recyclable - metal recycles forever.

This is why we offer our formulas in the highest quality metal tin cans in three sizes:

  • 400 g net weight (99 mm diameter metal can)
  • 800 g net weight (127 mm diameter metal can)
  • 900 g net weight (127 mm diameter metal can)

What we don't offer?

We don't produce low-cost and low- or mediocre-quality infant formulas

We believe that when it comes to feeding babies, their safety and well-being should always be the priority. That's why we don't offer any formulas which could be even theoretically harmful to infants or not serve them the best. Often, we purposefully choose to source more expensive ingredients which we certainly know are of the best and stable quality.

If you're looking for the lowest cost (cheapest) infant formulas (and not necessarily the best quality ones), we might not be the best fit for you.

We produce formula safe and good for infants

We produce infant formula that has stable quality, a pleasant taste, is easily soluble and is good for babies' tummies. We believe that the well-being of infants should always be our core interest, as a socially responsible infant formula producer. There is really nothing more important. There should be no shortcuts taken, no risky savings made. Only the best ingredients from trusted sources should be used. Thorough testing should be employed at all production stages. That's why if you're looking for the lowest cost infant formula, we may not be the best fit for you. However, if you're open to learning more about baby food and why pricing is often not the most important factor when considering which infant formula to choose, we believe that our website and resources presented here may be of interest to you.

Good for infants is beneficial for everyone

Beneficial for families

There is nothing more important than children and their health and safety. Parenthood is already difficult, and getting safe and reliable feeding should not be difficult for mothers who cannot breastfeed anywhere in the world.

Beneficial for distributors

When it comes to distribution of infant formula, continuity of use is the key. Often infants sense when there is something wrong with the formula. They might cry, not sleep well, exhibit numerous health issues or simply refuse to be fed.

If parents purchase a particular formula brand once, try it and are not happy - they will inevitably try another brand. They will do this irrespective of the pricing. They will choose even more expensive, but better infant formula, if they have to.

When parents look for another formula, this is not good for the brand and openly speaking it's not good for the distributor's business either. The consumers are likely to exchange information with other parents, deteriorating the brand position further and negatively impacting future sales.

That's why we believe that only distribution of high and stable quality formulas makes sense long-term. If you agree - contact us now and let's start cooperation.

Beneficial for the brand

Parents talk to each other and share their opinions. If a family is happy with an infant formula, they will certainly let others know about it. The positive opinions on our products cross borders and reach new places. Allowing us to produce more and deliver to more places each year.

Everyone can find stories about infant formula manufacturers' mistakes. Such situations are destructive for these manufacturers, they tear apart the trust and cause harm that is hard to reverse.