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Infant Formula Distribution

We're looking for new distributors

What distributors are we looking for?

Due to the sensitive nature of our products and the necessity to always act responsibly with respect to the consumers (parents and their children), we carefully choose our business partners and prefer long-term cooperation without any rapid decisions or changes that could put the continuity of supply of our formulas in danger in any market.

There are a few key aspects that we always look at and ask about when assessing any new partnership.

  • Experience in marketing infant formulas or similar products.
  • Available resources - infant formula distribution requires logistics operations as well as a team of professionals capable of educating the local market in a professional and appropriate manner about the products.

If you're ready to take care of one of our brands in your market and make it grow, let's discuss the details and start the cooperation!

Exclusive distribution rights

We believe that in each country there should be only one main distributor who will be responsible for distribution and marketing.

Due to this, we are open to discussing exclusive distribution of our brands in the countries where it is still available. However, in return, we will ask you to:

  1. Develop a detailed marketing and distribution plan which you will follow to educate the market about our infant formula and, in time, achieve an appropriate market share.
  2. Provide us with the planned order forecast - declare and commit to certain minimum quantities which you will make sure you can distribute.

Geo-Poland will support you at every stage of the distribution process.

Contact us if you want to become our distributor