Quality policy and safety

Strict quality assurance is our top priority

Quality assurance

Geo-Poland has always been and still is confronting modern challenges for quality and safety in the field of infant nutrition.

Within the frame of contemporary quality and safety requirements, besides the design, deployment, application and maintenance of the Food Quality and Safety System in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 International Standard the company also operates under the procedures and requirements posed by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing System (GMP).

Using its contemporary industrial facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and, above all, highly trained, experienced and committed human resources to operate them, Geo-Poland designs, develops, produces and distributes baby food suitable for consumption from birth onwards.

At the same time, Geo-Poland acknowledges its responsibility for compliance with all the relevant legislative requirements applicable under its scope of activities. Geo-Poland is committed to fulfil bilaterally approved agreements with industrial and retail customers, always in strive for continuous improvement.

To ensure the highest possible quality assurance, Geo-Poland not only uses own laboratories, but also cooperates with the best, independent and most well-known third-party laboratories in Europe.

All of the suppliers of the raw materials (including packaging) are audited by Geo-Poland on a regular basis and all the deliveries of all the raw materials used for the production must be accompanied by the certificates of analysis issued by the suppliers.

Regardless of the certificates issued by the suppliers, all the raw materials used in the production facility in Kutno are tested in laboratories by Geo-Poland for microbiological purity, which must meet the highest standards of infant nutraceuticals.

Additionally, the production process and compliance with the European Union legislation is constantly monitored by:

  • Polish sanitary authorities (District Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Kutno)
  • Polish veterinary authorities (District Veterinary Inspection in Kutno)

Both institutions carry out inspections at the facility, collect samples of final products and raw materials.



HACCP Certificate

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System


GMP Certificate

Good Manufacturing Practice


ISO22000 Certificate

Food safety management

Chinese certification

Geo-Poland is approved for production for and export to China by CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of China)



Baby milk powder produced by Geo-Poland is Halal certified which is confirmed by certificates issued separately for each brand

Halal Certificate