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Infant formula

We produce and offer our customers many different formulations of the baby milk powder. Our products vary in protein content, oils blend type and the set of optional ingredients, such as DHA, AA, GOS (prebiotic) or nucleotides, included. Having the large portfolio of available formulations, we can satisfy requirements of many different markets and customers.

All of the milk products come under three variants:

  • Stage 1 Infant Milk: 0 – 6 Months
  • Stage 2 Follow-on Milk: 6 – 12 Months
  • Stage 3 Growing-up Milk: above 12 Months

All of our products can be packaged in lithographed metal tins (cans) of weight of:

  • 400g net (corrugated box contains 24 tins), or
  • 900g net (6 tins per box).

We can supply the products under one of our brands or provide contract manufacturing services (private label).


  • Thick metal is used for production of the tins which makes them more durable.
  • The tins are lithographed.
  • Thick and durable carton boxes used for packaging allow easier handling and distribution and are perfectly suitable for overseas transportation.

Quality assurance

  • All the raw materials are tested in the laboratories before production.
  • Each tin coming out from Geo-Poland’s factory is individually inspected before being put into the carton box.
  • Before shipment, the products are thoroughly tested by Geo-Poland and third-party laboratories.
  • We ensure full traceability.

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