Facilities and infrastructure

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Baby milk manufacturing

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Kutno is located in the heart of Poland and operates on the most up-to-date mechanical equipment in Europe.

The factory in Kutno allows production of various product ranges of the highest quality baby milk powder for infants and small children, ensuring compliance of the final products with the most strict industry standards and legislation.

The facility is equipped in two production lines:

  • for 350-400g (⌀99) metal tins and
  • for 800-900g (⌀127) metal tins.


Geo-Poland uses technologically advanced equipment for the quantitative analyses and quality control of baby milk powder, as well as for the processing of qualitative and production data. The company’s three well-equipped laboratories are also located in Kutno:

  • Physical
  • Microbiological
  • Physio-chemical

The laboratories are used for the quality control of all the raw materials and final products, as well as product development and Geo-Poland’s research and development activity in various fields.